The UAE is committed in its mission to create a regulated economic environment and it is expected of businesses to adhere to the regulated framework. In the last few years, the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT), Excise Tax, Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Country by Country Reporting and Declaration of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) and more recently Corporate Tax is backed by the country’s vision to streamline the economy in line with international compliance practices.

Operating VAT in an evolving environment requires employees to be precise, adequately trained and updated. To comply with VAT related processes, businesses must revisit and re-evaluate their cost and pricing structures as well as profitability metrics. Structuring Tax Advisory in-house can be complex, hence it is recommended businesses leverage the expertise of Registered Tax Agents to conduct specialised review of the business from a tax standpoint on areas of advisory, implementation, optimization, and training.

Our team of tax experts wield solid experience and expertise to:

  •  Support on Tax avoidance and saving,
  •  Conduct VAT Compliance Reviews on a periodic basis,
  •  Support on VAT implementation and Registration
  •  Support on VAT refund (excess input, Tourist refund 
  •  Perform VAT Health Checks to fulfil the law requirements and mitigate risks,
  •  Support the client as an Agent to manage official VAT Audit,
  •  Submit reconsideration form, and object to Tax Dispute Resolution Committee (TDRC) if the reconsideration is not satisfactory.
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