Business Valuation

The valuation of a company plays a critical part in determining the future of a business. A business valuation report extends support in the case of applying to lenders and investors for funding or finance. Valuation reports go a long way in helping investors identify where they could increase company value and drive business growth. A business valuation evaluates the market value of a business based on the company’s sales, its assets, and liabilities.

Equity/debt instrument valuation and business valuation require extensive working on the company’s current dynamics as well as market trends. Appropriate selection of a valuation methodology is essential when it comes to accurately estimating the value of a business or an equity/debt instrument.

Businesses can leverage the expertise of finance experts in our team to receive assistance for calculating the intrinsic value of the business using various valuation models, for e.g., the discounted cash flows method and net asset valuation. Our team has solid experience in handholding the management and stakeholders in executing transactions to estimate the deal price on both the buy side and sell side. Further impartial valuation advice is provided to clients to ease the investment decision process be it for initial screening or as part of a detailed due diligence assessment. Through almost 30 years of practice the team has gained significant valuation experience across diverse sectors including Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Power & Utilities, Retail, Manufacturing, Technology, Hospitality and Education.

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