What constitutes Corporate Finance services?

Corporate Finance services are essential when a business is exploring avenues for fund raising, fostering M&A deals, entering a new market, or conducting business analysis and valuation. Corporate Finance specialists add value to a business by helping maximize returns and offering transaction support services.

With UHY James, clients stand to benefit as we draw from our global network to provide enhanced output to your businesses across the globe. Backed by our global reach, we are well poised to support clients in 100+ countries with their local requirements to assist in foreign acquisitions and sales.

Comprehensive insight into Corporate Finance services

Mergers & Acquisitions include a set of complex processes starting from strategizing, conducting financial due diligence, managing transactions and integration, and finally closing the deal. Our team of Corporate Finance specialists are well poised to handhold your team while navigating the M&A deal lifecycle.

Business valuation is the process of determining the current worth of a company leveraging various techniques to determine value. The value derived is identified as fair market value. Fair market value is the price at which the business could change hands between an independent buyer and a seller with the requisite factual knowledge.

Financial due diligence provides an opinion on whether the historical financial statements fairly present the financial standing of an organisation. Due Diligence looks at the financial, tax, legal, commercial, human resources, regulatory and environmental affairs of the organisation. Financial due diligence delves deeper to assess historical and forecasted trends to gauge relevancy of these trends to the purchaser.

Simply put a feasibility study assesses the practicality of a proposed project plan or method. Typically, the process involves analysing technical, economic, legal, operational and time feasibility factors. A feasibility study aims to underline whether a specific project or plan is feasible on all fronts.

Successful business have a strong grip on the best ways to optimize capital structure and lean into their financial future effectively. Our team of Corporate Finance specialists assess the financial requirements of clients, develop strategic plans and devise solutions to raise funds for clients.

Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) is an acquisition accounting process that involves assigning a fair value to all the acquired assets and liabilities assumed by the target company. The key focus of purchase price allocation (PPA) is to allocate the price paid to acquire the target company and to allocate them to the target’s purchased assets and liabilities, which therefore reflect their fair value.

Goodwill constitutes a large part of a company's value or net worth. If a company doesn't test for goodwill impairment, possibilities are high that it could overstate its value or net worth. Considering that goodwill is an intangible asset, treating it like a normal asset and amortizing it does not provide clarity on the value of the asset. It is recommended that oragnisations test for goodwill impairment once a year.

How UHY James can help you with Corporate Finance:

Rest assured our team of corporate finance specialists can help structure the growth trajectory of a business effectively and efficiently matching pace with the dynamic requirements of the market.


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