Service Charge Budget Review

The primary objective of Service Charge Budget Review is to conduct an in-depth review of the budgeted service charge figures and align them to industry standards and regulatory guidelines. Service Charge Budget Reviews ensure transparency for joint property ownership within the real estate sector. Service Charge Budget Reviews are processed through Mollak – an online service system that enables unit owners to directly pay service charges and avoid any chances of conflict or inconvenience. Leveraging Mollak offers benefits like supporting co-owned property owners to deal with project managers, paves the way for open regulated account for the community, enables varied payment gateways and many more.

Our team has solid experience in providing an independent review of the service charge budgets of jointly owned properties to ensure budgeted expenses and allocations are reasonable and aligned to industry standards. We have been approved as the registered auditors of Abu Dhabi Municipality and as regulated auditors of DFSA, DIFC we are well poised to conduct audits of body corporates registered in specific financial freezones.

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