AML Compliance Advisory

Surge in complex financial crimes have compelled businesses to maintain and sustain AML programs that help in evaluating money laundering risks and mitigating them at the right time. There are effective tools and techniques that every business must be aware of to avert risks triggered by financial crimes.

Having an intrinsic insight into diverse business models has equipped us with knowledge and experience in strengthening the AML side of a business. We have on board a team of specialists who wield key insights backed by their experience as fraud specialists and compliance officers in financial institutions.

In line with advancing regulatory scrutiny, businesses could consider leveraging our expertise in any of the following services:

  • Our team of AML specialists are equipped to help businesses set up an in-house compliance department
  • Utilising our profound understanding of the regulatory landscape organisations stand to benefit from the client risk assessment services we provide
  • The team specialises in providing Business AML Assessment across various financial institutions and DNFBPS
  • Our team of fraud, AML and forensic experts are well poised to advise organisations on client on-boarding procedures, client due diligence and can help you manage the entire AML compliance operations.
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