What constitutes Internal Audit and Risk Consulting services?

Internal Audit function helps protect organizational assets and drive operational efficiencies while Risk Consulting is essential to assess potential risks to the business and implement effective risk management frameworks.

Our team of internal audit specialists and risk management consultants are well poised to guide diverse businesses in adopting industry best practices, support with forensic audits, provide risk assurance and conduct effective business efficiency reviews. Leveraging our internal audit services helps businesses develop effective governance that empowers businesses to anticipate and respond effectively to dynamic business conditions and risks.

Comprehensive insight into Internal Audit & Risk Consulting services

Our highly qualified Internal Audit & Risk Consulting team at UHY, has expert knowledge and understanding of Internal Auditing, and its practical application across a range of industries and businesses

Our practical ERM approach helps clients identify and prioritize significant risks facing their enterprise, and design processes to manage the risks, including an ongoing internal audit monitoring program.

Many organizations manage their day-to-day affairs using practices that evolved over a period, as the business grew. Once such businesses have sizeable operations, this approach proves detrimental, as there is lack of uniformity in understanding and applying business practices. The solution is to have documented Standard Operating Procedures. Our Internal Audit & Risk Consulting team has significant experience in developing tailor-made, fit-for-purpose SOPs for various functions within the organization.

Whistleblower claims, fraud allegations, regulatory inquiries, and civil disputes require immediate, knowledgeable forensic services. At UHY James, we provide expert forensic assistance for fraud-related investigations and disputes. 

Our team of qualified Internal Auditors have the required knowledge and experience to review operating effectiveness of Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR) and submit a report to Management in line with relevant regulatory and other requirements. 

Organizations face significant challenges in tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, depreciation status and valuation of their tangible assets, in which they make significant investments. At UHY James, we help organizations track and maintain a record of the physical assets, including reconciling of the assets with book records.

How UHY James can help you with Internal Audit and Risk Consulting:

Efficient Internal Audit and Risk Management functions form the foundation of a successful business and with some help from our team of experienced internal auditors and risk management consultants you can rest assured that your business will be prepared to work around the risks mushrooming in a dynamic environment.


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