IT Audit & Risk Assurance

Digital and Cyber Security Risk Management is of high priority today. Revenues can be wiped out while organizations can be shut down due to data breach or down time in online operations. Mitigating these risks is of importance to avoid and reduce the impact of a security breach and data theft.  Information systems and Cyber security audits are critical and beneficial as they identify and help mitigate IT and cyber related risks.

UHY James, provides IT Audits and Risk Assurance services to help align current processes and controls with business goals, using industry best standards as benchmarks.  Our IT Audit consultants examine organization’s information technology structure, operations, security controls, business processes to identify issues related to IT-related risk for improvement of business operation. We ensure that the existing IT controls safeguard entity assets and identify gaps between IT controls and the overall business strategies and goals. We assess compliance to UAE’s regulations as it is a requirement for entities operating in the country, in some jurisdictions.

  • IT General Controls Reviews
  • IT and Cyber Gap Assessments
  • Information & Business Systems Controls Audits
  • IT Security Assessments
  • Business Continuity & DRP Reviews
  • Post Implementation Reviews
  • IT Project Assurance
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