IT Compliance

Digital economies and digital disruptions have brought new way of business operations while cybercrime and data breaches are on the increase which has led to the establishment of new laws and regulations. The UAE has established a number of regulations for which different sectors are to abide by. This requires experts to access your IT and cyber environment to ensure compliance to the regulations.

Due to increasing risks and the regulatory requirements in the business landscape, our team of experts assist various entities to ensure they comply with set regulations through assessments of current IT controls and processes against set laws and regulations. Our team of IT Consultants have vast experience in carrying out compliance assessments.

UHY James ‘s IT compliance audits assists businesses in ensuring their technology infrastructure meets regulatory standards, on both a from a country level to industry-specific regulations. Regulations are constantly evolving based on the country’s vision & direction, industry innovations, environmental trends, and emerging risks. We help IT and Cyber departments align with laws and regulations through the following compliance assessments:

  • ISO 27001 Reviews
  • Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS)
  • UAE Cyber Security Law
  • UAE Personal Data Protection Law
  • ADGM & DIFC IT Operational Readiness
  • UAE Data Protection (ADGM & DIFC)
  • SIA (NESA)                
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