What constitutes Accounting and Book-Keeping services?

Accounting and bookkeeping services are integral to building the foundation of any business, especially in a dynamic economic and regulatory environment. Accounting advisory services offered by accounting consulting firms involves record- keeping of all the financial transactions taking place in an organization – for example receipts from customers, payments to suppliers, salary disbursal to employees and more.

Most businesses can either choose to handle bookkeeping services internally or choose to outsource accounting and bookkeeping services to professionals who wield solid experience. Here are a few advantages that firms can leverage while outsourcing bookkeeping services:

  • Ensures accuracy
  • Enhances cost effectiveness
  • Facilitates fraud detection
  • Effective cash flow management
  • Helps in financial forecasting
  • Easier financial reporting
  • Increases productivity
  • Offers professional insight

Comprehensive insight into Accounting & Bookkeeping services

SMEs constitute almost 95% of the commercial establishments in Dubai. Being an integral part of the economic landscape of the UAE, SMEs need to be handheld in order to scale their businesses to the next level. To this end, business process re-engineering services, part time CFO services and Independent Director & Secretarial services go a long way in helping SMEs navigate their way through a challenging economy.

In recent years outsourcing has gained momentum across the globe in the realm of human resources and payroll management. Outsourcing payroll management proves beneficial for organisations as it works out to be a cost effective and time saving option. Organisations can use their time more effectively in sharpening their core competencies while our team of HR and Payroll specialists can assist with managing the administrative responsibilities related to HR and payroll processing.

With a regulatory landscape that continues to be more demanding with every passing day in the UAE, it is required that organisations focus on accurate financial reporting and maintain clear book of accounts to enable efficient decision making in the day to day running of the business. Under Accounting and Book-keeping services, our team of experts efficiently oversee Account Reconciliation, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable Outsourcing, Accounting Supervision and Bookkeeping services.

Our expert accounting support teams will provide you with the support need to establish an accounting system that is aligned to your requirements including the adoption of the appropriate accounting standards and the preparation of IFRS compliant financial statements. The team will assist you with the technical support on matters such as revenue recognition policies, implementation of new standards and ensuring a smooth audit for your external auditors.

How UHY James can help you with Accounting & Bookkeeping:

At UHY James we have a team of accounting specialists and business consultants who can help you structure the accounting framework of your business more effectively. Backed by almost 30 years of experience you can implicitly trust our accounting and bookkeeping expertise that will go a long way in strengthening the financial ecosystem of your business.

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