Internal Audit

At UHY James Consulting, we offer flexible and responsive outsourcing and co-sourcing Internal Auditing & Risk Consulting Services.

The advantages for the client organizations include:

  • IA Subject Matter Expertise - Stay current on best practices while gaining insights through our industry specialization
  • Benchmarking against peers - Measure current performance and gaps to add value through improvement and compliance
  • Flexibility and Adaptability - Choose the most appropriate level of support to meet your current requirements and capabilities
  • Global Capabilities - Rely on consistency in approach in multiple jurisdictions
  • Effective Project Management - Gain access to a global talent pool of practicing thought leaders through a single point of contact

Our client experience and market knowledge have demonstrated that the gap between what the Audit Committee expects from its IA function, and what the function actually delivers can often fall short in various areas. Our internal audit approach is fully aligned with the mission of internal auditing defined in the International Professional Practices Framework of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), namely, “To Enhance and Protect Organizational Value by providing Risk-based & Objective, Assurance, Advice, and Insight”.

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