Value added services

What are the Value Added Services we provide?

  • Alliance & Partnership Advisory & Implementation: Our strategy experts wield solid experience in helping companies find the perfect fit to achieve economies of scale.
  • New Market Entry Services: Entering new markets to further business expansion goals opens channels of generating more revenue and more customers. Devising a strategic entry into a new market goes a long way in diversifying business, reducing risk and leveraging new opportunities.
  • Board Level Advisory: Board level advisory services offer the top leadership of an organization an overview and insight into business operations. A high performing board sets the ‘tone at the top’ which eventually trickles throughout the organization.
  • Outsourced CEO & COO Services: Transforming the strategic journey of a business can be possible only when the leadership team is aligned to the strategic objectives that the organization aims to achieve. To this end, UHY James is well poised to deliver outsourced CEO & COO services to organizations backed by the solid experience and expertise that our Partners wield in diverse industries and sectors.

Our strategy team can support organizations for the above services through detailed understanding of the need  and thereafter deliver value aligned  with the requirements of leadership and management teams.

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