What constitutes AML compliance services?

As anti-money laundering legislations become more stringent and AML compliance scrutiny strengthens, it becomes imperative for business entities to turn the spotlight on a robust AML compliance program. At a global scale, government authorities have been implementing key measures to introduce processes and controls pertaining to AML / CFT within the financial ecosystem. The UAE periodically releases guidelines to create awareness around anti money laundering compliance.

Protecting the firm from financial risks requires profound insight and expertise and, we at UHY James, are well poised to address AML/ CFT needs of your business. An ineffective AML program can expose the financial system of the business to major risks that can be avoided with expert advice from our specialists.

Comprehensive insight into AML services

With the post pandemic business landscape becoming volatile, companies are required to turn the spotlight on establishing a risk-based Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Compliance Program that positively impact diverse lines within the business. To this end, leveraging compliance advisory services can go a long way in helping organisations adhere to the dynamic regulatory changes.

Organizations are always prone to risk in the global business landscape owing to the complexities surrounding money laundering and terrorist financing. It is imperative that organisations comply with regulatory requirements with clarity and control on their process, policies, and operations.

To stay compliant in the UAE’s business landscape, organisations can benefit immensely from outsourcing AML compliance services to professional services firms that wield decades of solid expertise in understanding the regulatory landscape of UAE. Our team of experts play a pivotal part in identifying AML related risks of a business and supporting through efficient AML compliance services.

Securing the financial well-being of the organisation through regular AML audits is a need of the hour. Conducting an AML audit can help an organisation gain clear insight into its risk exposure. An AML audit helps assess whether the firm’s AML policies, controls and procedures are updated and in adherence to the regulatory landscape of the UAE.

An effective AML/CFT legal framework hinges on staff's ability to apply the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations, and firm's policies as they are intended. Hence, the importance of regular AML Training cannot be overlooked while devising a strategy to keep financial crimes at bay.

How UHY James can help you in AML Compliance?

At UHY James we have a team of AML specialists who can help organizations comply with the applicable regulations & industry best practices, through its robust AML/CFT program tailor-made to suit the client's requirements. We guide and assist you every step of the way to ensure you are aligned to meet the regulatory expectations for financial controls. Leveraging our AML expertise can prove to be an asset to the overall financial and regulatory well-being of your business.


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