What constitutes Technology & Cybersecurity services?

Digital growth has led for the need of IT and Cyber Security professional services, to ensure adequacy of controls, cyber security risk mitigation and alignment of IT with the organization. Cyber security risks, potential threats and IT compliance requirements on every organization’s doorstep leaves entities needing IT audit and advisory services.  Securing your technology and cyber infrastructure is non-negotiable as risks and threats that lead to serious financial and operational implications are on the rise.

Technological advent in the business landscape has created a need for IT and Cyber Governance to enable complex IT transformations, increase cost effectiveness and keep potential risks and non-compliance in check.  IT and Information is now the greatest business enabler that most entities need while ensuring all checks and balances are in place.

What are the Technology & Cybersecurity services we provide?

Our team of tech experts and consultants have broad experience in helping organizations achieve tech and cybersecurity based advisory solutions and accelerate their IT performance through reviews and advisory services.

Comprehensive insight into Technology & Cybersecurity services

IT and Cyber Governance ensures the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals.  To align IT services, processes and structures with business objectives, best practice frameworks have to be established.  These can range from IT strategies, business-IT alignment, integrated enterprise and IT risk management, IT enablement of business, IT and Cyber Security Policy development, IT resource and performance optimization to regulatory compliance and corporate governance requirements.

Technology as an enabler has created vast opportunities for doing business. New industries have been created and Digital economies have been established while many entities are transforming their businesses by leveraging on Technology. Digital changes and disruptions are rising, and this has brought about technology and cybersecurity risks that require our focused attention to identify and provide mitigation guidence.

The emergence of technologies, shifting business models and the rise of cyber security breaches are driving changes in the roles taken by IT and Information Security Officers. As organizations leverage on technology to enable business activities more strategic goals for protecting information assets, improving efficiency and security needs are increasing.  Cyber-attacks and Data breaches are reaching exponentially high levels. Failure to have adequate cyber security and business continuity measures is like driving off a cliff in today’s business landscape.

IT Compliance forms a critical and integral component of cybersecurity in protecting entities from the threat of cybercrime and minimizing any vulnerabilities across the organization’s data and IT assets.  The countries we operate in have developed laws and regulations which all organizations  are to abide by.  Failure to comply may lead to hefty fines or withdrawal of operating licenses. We help entities to comply with regulations and while improving the security posture.

Our team of experts handhold business as they navigate the complexities arising from Third Part Risks. The team analyses, reviews SLAs to ensure the clients receive value from the third part services they leverage.

Digital disruptions have paved a new era that has revolutionized the way businesses operate and have also helped to shape new industries. Various digital solutions and services are playing a major role in driving this evolution, as entities are trying to optimize the way they operate while making their services adaptable and agile.

Every client and customer wants to work with entities where they know their information is in safe hands. Unprecedented changes are taking place in how data is managed and regulated. With increasing laws the need to establish the Data Protection Officer within entities create more challenges.

How UHY James can help you with Technology & Cybersecurity services:

In an evolving technologically advanced business landscape, IT & Cybersecurity services enable businesses to minimize their exposure to risks and drive the business towards becoming digitally efficient.


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