What is Trademark Registration?
Trademark or service mark are distinctive elements like logos, slogans, hallmarks, names, graphics, titles, seals, symbols, or signatures that distinguish a brand from its competitors. A trademark registration simplifies the process of establishing a brand in the industry, creates an identity for the brand, helps expand the client base & most of all protects your brand.

Wondering how to register a brand and get a trademark? Our team can guide you through your company trademark registration process which will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Protects the features that give your brand its identity
  • Prevents others attempting to register similar trademarks
  • Trademarks are an asset, have a good will and can be licensed or franchised

What are the Trademark services we provide?

  • Trademark Search:  Trademark Search is a process where our team conducts a thorough search to identify if any similar or identical trademark is registered.
  • Trademark Registration: Trademark registration is a process that allows organisations to protect the identity of their organization – brand name, logo, or symbol – from unauthorized usage. Trademark registration in UAE is applicable across all 7 emirates with Ministry of Economy being the governing authority. Getting your trademark registered in the UAE protects your brand for 10 years at a stretch and renewal of the same comes at a cost effective fees. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the trademark registration space, we ensure clients get overall trademark protection by understanding their business and guiding them in the relevant and required direction. Our team is purposeful about ensuring client have a clear picture on how and where their money is being spent and are assured that they are paying a competent price for the service. We willingly walk the extra mile to provide transparency with regards to the costs involved in trademark registration. Registered trademark proves to be an effective marketing tool for new business owners who wish to announce their presence and establish themselves in the market, as it differentiates the product from competitors. Trademark being an intangible asset enhances the value of business. If anyone even tries to use the registered mark, the owner has the right to sue and can claim compensation because of trademark infringement. Registering the trademark or filing the trademark also helps in filing trademark in 126 member countries through World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). UAE is now part of Madrid Protocol which is administered by WIPO. Businesses which have filed or registered trademark in the UAE, can file the trademark in 126 countries through single filing. This turns out to be a cheaper and convenient option to file trademark in different countries. 
  • Trademark Recordal: Trademark Recordal is the process of Registering the registered trademark with Ports and customs so that counterfeited trademarks cannot enter the country.
  • Trademark Licensing: Trademark Licensing is the process of providing the license to use the registered trademark to another company and registering it

How UHY James can help you in Trademark:

Our expertise lies in offering services that are aligned to the best interests of your business entity. With over 20 years of solid experience, we have successfully assisted clients in registering trademarks not just in the UAE but across the globe. Trust our expertise and experience as our team happily guides you towards protecting your brand and preserving its identity in a market teeming with competition.

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