Outsourced AML compliance Services

Adopting a risk-based approach combined with best practices in terms of monitoring and screening, our team of AML specialists and fraud & forensic experts deliver quality outsourced AML compliance services.

Choosing from a wide array of AML compliance services, businesses can strengthen the foundations of their compliance culture. Typically, organisations that invest in maintaining policies, processes, and controls, customised training modules and due diligence are secure from exposure to potential financial risks.

Under the canopy of outsourced AML compliance services, business can accelerate their regulatory compliance structure by taking professional assistance in the below areas:

  • Conducting efficient Client Risk Assessment
  • Implement detailed screening and monitoring of the organisation’s clientele to mitigate AML related risks
  • Preparing Biannual, Annual Management reports, Board reports to gain clarity from a compliance standpoint
  • Experts with solid understanding of the workings of financial regulatory authorities provide first hand support in helping businesses file Annual AML returns to the regulatory bodies.
  • Provide appropriate support to the MLRO via online subscriptions and other professional tools and help them fulfil regulatory and operational roles
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